Our products

Our Rocking Horses have been delighting children for over 20 years!

Our Horses come in only one size and are strong enough to carry grown-ups too. 

Our most popular style is a "Dapple Grey" or "Dapple Cream"; however we can also provide horses stained to resemble natural horse colours and these are overcoated with a clear coat of either high gloss or matt finish.

Fun & games as well as Educational

Children's products are meant to be fun, to be engaging and to spark a child's imagination.  Many 'make believe'  adventrures could be experienced while rocking away on a 'trusty steed'. 

In earlier days, many nurseries contained a Rocking Horse and this was considered an invaluable aid in teaching a child to ride a real horse.


In addition to building Rocking Horses, we also carry out restorations on old wooden rocking horses.  Many have come to us minus body parts such as heads, ears, legs etc.  We pride ourselves on giving these horses new life and bringing them back looking exactly as they were when they left their maker's workshop.



A little worse for wear!

This is a horse made by Frederick Roebuck & Sons, Sydney circa 1950s



As good as new!

This is him with a new head.

Other Restorations and Replacement Parts

We regret that we are not able to restore plastic, fibreglass or hide covered horses. 

We do not sell parts for other makers or restorers.